ALD Iso Doors are a perfect solution where cold storage with negative temperatures to as low as 20  C  is  required.The curtain is made of reinforced PVC vinly with heated side guides.Optionally a special and innovative insulated flexible curtain is also available. High Speed Iso Doors are the solution when temperature control is critical and where forklift traffic is high. 

Advantages of this door

  • Your work efficiency will increase thanks to the door (1.0 m / sec) instead of the standard side sliding door (0.2 m / sec). You will be able to carry 100 pallets at least 50% more on the ground and you will have reduced your costs and increase your profit.
  • With the automatic adjustable closing time, your door will not be open, and the possibility of the employee has not closed the door will be removed.
  • The door can also work in places with pressure without the hassle of hidden wind bars.
SpeedStandart Speed1 m/s
Opening Speed ( Max.)1 m/s
Closing Speed ( Max.)0,40 m/s
Wind Resistance35 km/h
FabricMehlar, Sioline, Heytex
900 gr / m2
Fabric Thickness12 mm
Emergency OpeningManuel Crank - Standart

UPS - Optional

Metal PartsDrum & Wind profiles Aluminium Side Guides & Hood Cover Galvanize
Operator & Control UnitHigh Speed Door Motor0,75 - 2,2 KW
Gear Box Polat
Brake ( Temporiti Italy )80 TIP
DH14 - High Speed Door Control Unit
With (ABB) Electronic Parts
Rovioly limit Switch
Pepperl fuch Photocell