The aim of the production of fire door is to protect human health and isolate the effects of fire and smoke gas. The fire door helps people to make their escape safely. Interior escape corridors and fire escape stairs must be protected from fire and smoke. For this reason, fire ladders which are in compliance with fire engineering and regulations should be formed and these fire ladders should be protected with special fire doors which are heat and smoke proof.

Fire Door :

Case thickness is 1.5 mm DKP sheet, wing thickness is 1mm DKP sheet or galvanized steel sheet. There is a push-bar on the bar. There is a heat barrier which increases the heat resistance in outer hair protection.

Stainless Fire Door:

Stainless fire door is manufactured from stainless steel plates. 1.5 mm in the case and 1 mm dkp sheet in the wing is used. The stainless fire door is preferred for prestige and durability.

System Room Fire Door:

It is a fire door specially designed for use in the system rooms, as well as fire resistance as well as accessories suitable for automation systems. The system room fire doors can be glazed.



In case of fire, the fire exit points are used to protect fire from fire and to provide rapid evacuation.
The panic bar with the optional panic bar allows the door to be opened quickly.
Control of the fire or control of the passage can also be provided with the monitoring window.
In addition to the spring hinge which can close the door itself, it can be used more frequently with the optional hydraulic lever.


With double wing application, the security of fire escape points with wider openings can be ensured.
Doors can have symmetrical wings or asymmetric wings.
One of the flaps can be held stationary and can be easily opened with a pin mechanism in case of emergency.
With optional hydraulic pumps, the doors can be opened and closed more frequently during the day.
Under the wing can be applied stainless steel shafts.