ALD High Speed Roll Up Doors are fast, durable,energy saver and  are engineered for all kind of industrial application.

High Speed Roll Up Doors are used where a sections of the facilities have to be isolated from other section.

This simple curtain design of door aids in quick opening and closure of High Speed Doors and ensure effective protection of the against heat,dust,humidity,and temperature.

ALD High Speed Door aids you in meeting  your operations targets,save energy, decrease total operational costs,restructure traffic flow and improve logistics. We’ve designed our High Speed Doors  to be safe, dependable and maintenance free conferring  to all internationals standarts.     



Speed Standart Speed 0,7 m/s
Speed Driber ( Optional ) Opening Speed ( Max.) 1,5 m/s
Closing Speed ( Max.) 0,40 m/s
Wind Resistance Canvas with pipe 35 km/h
Fabric Mehlar, Sioline, Heytex 900 gr / m2
Fabric Thickness 1 mm
Transparent Fabric Thickness 2 mm
Emergency Opening Manuel Crank - Standart

UPS - Optiona

Metal Parts Drum & Wind profiles Aluminium Side Guides & Hood Cover Galvanize
Operator & Control Unit High Speed Door Motor 0,75 - 2,2 KW
Gear Box Polat   
Brake ( Temporiti Italy ) 80 TIP
DH14 - High Speed Door Control Unit  
With (ABB) Electronic Parts  
Rovioly limit Switch  
Pepperl fuch Photocell