Robot kabin Kapısı

Robot kabin Kapısı


Machine Protection Door are high speed doors that protect men and material from accessing in-motion automatic machines area. This door is especially developed for robotic  or automatic machine areas and can be installed besides safety barricades or walls. Machine Protection Door improves automation by isolating the area meeting high industry standarts and reducing accidents. A durable and robots  structure  is designed tol ast in an industrial environment.

Machine guarding doors

Robots and manufacturing factories, Robot and Automation production line is seamless. Automation and robot systems adaptation and design, high opening and closing speed, safe and long-lasting maintenance-free structure offers unique solutions. Adapting to Robot Cabinet and Robot Working System.


Robot Cabin Door Specifications:

* Frequent opening and closing
* Frequency converter with deceleration in take-off and stop
   control unit
* Manual opening in power failure
* High quality PVC tarpaulin
* Weldless, one-piece, steel side rails
* PVC bonding with high frequency welding
* Transparent surveillance window
* Radar, metal mass detector, remote control, ip switch,
   integrated operation with card or encrypted access systems.
* Auto power off
* Safety photocell

Optional Features

• Inverter
• Interlock communication between doors
• Drawstring Switch System
• Engine Cover
• Manual lever
• Extra strengthening for high wind loads
• Painted or stainless metal parts

Speed Pvc Spiral Door Usage Areas

• All kinds of interior and exterior doors

• Machine protection door

• Front door of conveyor

• Robot cab door

• It can be used as a gateway for Pharmaceutical and Food Industry.