PVC Strip Curtain

PVC Strip Curtain is the world standard in any place that needs to be separated or isolated. PVC strip door fully meets your need in goods loading and unloading doors, cold and frozen warehouse doors, conveyor entrances, personnel entrance doors, refrigerated vehicle doors, welding rooms, when the two places need to be separated from each other. Once installed, it does not require maintenance, it is used for years. 

Pvc Strip Curtain is preferred due to its economical prices, durability and wide usage area. PVC Strip curtains are resistant to yellowing and cracking in sunlight thanks to an ultraviolet blocking agent. Transparent PVC strip curtain types do not block the sunlight and make it clearly visible behind.

Transparent pvc strip curtains provide high visibility security especially in places where vehicle and personnel entrance and exit are dense. The flexibility of all PVC Strip curtain is suitable for unlimited vehicle and personnel transition. All pvc strip curtains can be used both indoors and outdoors.

PVC strip curtain contains fire resistant chemical components to ensure maximum fire protection.

PVC Strip Curtains are very reliable due to their non-flammable structure. In addition, the edges of all our pvc strip curtains are rounded.

PVC Strip door can be easily cleaned. Water and soap should be used in cleaning, chemicals (thinner, gasoline, acetone etc.) can damage the curtain curtains.


Pvc Şerit perdeTransparent PVC Strip Curtain

Transparent PVC Curtains are the most preferred model. Providing clarity of vision is important both in terms of safety and efficiency. it is generally used in factories and warehouses.




pvc şerit kapıFrosted PVC Strip Curtain

Frosted PVC Strips are translucent quality and translucent. It therefore provides a limited view. Its basic features are the same as our standard PVC materials. It is used in special cases where it is desired not to be visible behind the application areas.




Pvc kaynak perdesiWelding PVC Strip Curtain

Kaynak / Red PVC Plates are translucent, transparent and red colored.
It provides protection against the effects of ultraviolet light generated during the electricity supply.
Even when using this material, a separate goggles must be used to look directly at the welding light when welding. It complies with the DIN EN 1598 standard. It is mainly used in the construction of Welding Panes.



Antibakteriyel PVC Şerit PerdeAntibacterial PVC Strip Curtain

Antibacterial PVC strip is preferred in areas where hygiene is required. It prevents pests and dust from coming from outside environment in food warehouses and industrial kitchens.








Fixed system in PVC strip curtain systems; It is formed by applying special bolts in the press at every 5 cm intervals on the special twisted hair. There are stainless and galvanized accessories in our PVC strip door.

In the fixed system PVC curtain system, the amount of overlap is overlapping the curtains. In fixed systems, it is printed on top of each other in the form of 2.5 cm and its multiples. Sometimes users also want zero or intermittent ones.

In fixed system PVC strip door systems, it is divided into two as wall mounting and ceiling mounting. In fixed system PVC curtains, when the size of the door grows, fixed system PVC curtain accessories seemed to be much more effective.

We send PVC curtains mounted on the system as well as in de-assembly form.

Fixed system PVC curtain accessory is a system we also use in welding curtains, it seems to be much more effective in heavy industry manufacturing. Stainless fixed system accessory system has been found to be very efficient in dull rooms, doors passing under a forklift.



Removable system The PVC curtain accessory system is divided into two as galvanized and stainless. Stainless systems are used in food establishments, cold and dull rooms, places with humidity and where the temperature difference is high.

In PVC Strip curtains, the biggest advantage of the system is that it can be easily removed and cleaned, as well as easy assembly.

Stainless steel we use in PVC curtains are 304 quality Cr-Ni and 1.5 mm thick.

The plug-and-play system application is of 2 types. We use a 12 cm and 20 cm latch system for a 20 cm curtain, and a 20 cm and 30 cm latch system for the 30 cm curtain.

PVC curtain In the plug-and-play systems, it means that the curtains step on top of each other, which can be easily adjusted as 5 cm + 5 cm or 10 + 10 cm. As a company, we try to give the right strip and system for the most accurate application of PVC strip doors. In the PVC Strip Curtain application, we try to give you the most correct strip by asking questions such as why you will be using it, where you will use it, and what is going on under it.



Sliding system on PVC strip doors is used in areas where PVC curtains need to be opened during loading and unloading.

As a company, sliding system is a practical and very healthy application when PVC curtains are used in full accordance with its purpose.

When using the sliding system PVC curtain, there should be free space to the right or left of the door as much as the door net transition area.

If these values ​​are not available, we apply double sliding system or nesting sliding system.

The channel we use is heavy industry channels and it is a system formed by moving the ball bearing parts in a closed C galvanized channel.

In this system, PVC curtains need to be explored before ordering or detailed by an installer.


In the PVC Strip Curtain door systems, the Accordion type PVC curtain system is the systems that can be used in places where the sliding system is not available.

PVC Curtain Accordion system works in a net transition and narrows the net transition when collected. Accordion PVC curtain system is a system with a depth of 50 cm when collected like a scissor system.

PVC Curtain extends 25 cm inside the application center and 25 cm outside the application center. It should be 25 cm.

Accordion system PVC curtains print 10 + 10cm in a row and the curtain width used must be 30 cm. If the biggest problem encountered in use in accordion systems is the outdoor environment, exposure to external factors such as rain, snow etc. may decrease its life.

PVC Curtain Accordion curtain measurement and detailing should be explained correctly against undesired factors that know this system and may be encountered later. Application height 600 cm width and up to 10 meters.