ALD Hangar Doors by ALD Industrial Doors are designed for tough environment with extremely large openings. Aircraft Hangar Door and Shipyard Hangar doors are available in two form fabric hoist-up door and sliding door. Both offer remarkable advantages for versatility and   are suitable for aircrafts and ship’s in different sizes. Optimum reliability and operational safety are important design principles while designing and installing hangar doors.

These doors are used in buildings with large opening dimensions. They generally preferred by  shipyards and aircrafts where door durability is very important against hard environmental conditions.

Doors are resistant to splashing of the welding spark or glazing material. These doors are manufactured using double sided PVC fabrics and are resistant from -35 degree to +70 degree. The most common environmental factor that adversely affects work: the wind has come out of all Big PVC Folding Doors. Because all doors in this category are designed to minimize strong wind loads. The horizontal sections transfer the wind load to the vertical guides, which are attached to the building structure. So the door is affected by the wind load at a minimum level. The door can be designed to withstand almost any wind load by varying the size and spacing of the intermediate sections.

These doors, which are highly preferred in hangars, use vertically folded column that move horizontally to provide the passage of airplanes. Thanks to these specially designed columns, the large doors side by side combine to bring a much larger opening.

In this kind of big door there is almost no limitation to size, we can produce any size which customer want. These fast and durable doors usually demanded for shipyards, aircraft hangars and factories. Additionally there are some specially designed doors according to needs of companies or facilities such as crane doors. We are your solution partner for all kinds of your needs. 


Serial NumberSR 600-700-800-900-1000-1200
MotorWAT /  2 Pieces Magnetic Brake Motors
Operating VoltageAC 400 V
ReducerYILMAZ Redüktör ( MN series ) used
SynchronizationTanburs and associated gears allow to synchronize the motion of the motor.
Working SystemThrough winding the wire rope to tanbur from both sides by using two engine, the door is opening upwards. With the help of plastic rollers comfortable, quiet and safe operation is ensured.
Working Speed10-12 meter/minute
Wind Resistance140 km/h
Control unitSpecially designed protection class IP 65 plastic case panel.
Working ModeButton control (On - Emergency Stop - Stop) and Manual / Automatic selector switch
Lower LimitWhen the door completes to closure, stretched belts will become relaxed. And mechanical arms on both sides of the belt activete the roller switches.
Lower Limit Emergency StopIn case of breaking of the belt  as a result of external factors, mechanical arms on both sides of the belt  immediately activate roller switches and stop the operation of the door. Specially designed brake mechanism does not allow the closure of the door.
Upper LimitWhen the door completes opening, upper scissors pushes up the limit bar which is on top group and roller switches are activated.
Side FramesThey are specifically designed to increase strength and resistance by using 10 to 15 mm thick sheet
Brake Rail15 mm thickness of special aluminum (T-Rail) is produced.
Inner CarcassInner carrier scissors are manufactured from box profile. Profile measurements are determined by the the door size.
PVC FabricMEHLER brand, in 1100 Denier double-sided coated polyester, the total weight is 900 g/m², the operating temperature is - 35 to + 70 degrees, breaking strength 800/750 N, tensile strength of 4000/4000 N/5 cm, the adhesive strength is 100 N/5.
PVC Fabric AssemblySpecial aluminum slat profiles screw to aluminum which is on inner carcass with the 150 mm range. PVC Fabric remains between them.
PVC Fabric ColorAny desired color
Color of Metal PartsRAL 9002 WHITE
Side SealingSpecially reinforced PVC fabric affixed to both sides of main pvc fabric. And this attached fabric is contact with aluminum. Thus, the main PVC fabric erosion is prevented.
Bottom SealingSpecial rubber mounted to subcarrier scissors. As a result of the special rubber contact with the ground, sealing is minimized. 
Safety Belt Breakage In case the belt breakes off, mechanical running gear cams on both sides of the sub-carrier prevent the fall of the door and lower limit emergency stop switches stop the engine.
PaintMetal Parts are painted with primer and topcoat paint in any desired RAL color.
Warranty2 year warranty against manufacturing and assembly faults (excluding natural disasters and usage error).