Hızlı Garaj Kapısı


ALD aluminum  Roll door capable of working at 2,5-3 m/s speed. The standart opening speed of the door is 1 m/s.

After using the shutter curtain doors on the market there is pressure, friction and damage marks on the door due to the lamellae wrapping on each other. This door will work independently, as do the profiles in other shutter applications.

The sound that the door extracts while running is so low that you will not even realize it Works.

- German motor system with digital encoder.

- Panel with inverter(soft start and stop) sheielded inverter.

- The side surfaces that are used in this door are supported by a patended rubber profile,which allows as quiet as possible.You will not even realize that the  door  works.

- The ground profile prevents dust and wind coming from outside and at the same time allows the door to make a soft landing.

- The complex carrier system creates a rigid system of thick aluminum profiles,providing visual elegance.

- It is possible to dye every desired RAL color.

Otomatik Kepenk


Motorized Rolling Shuttersby ALD are typical, are perfect for circumstances where side room is less and security is required.

Our Rolling Shutters need very less headroom above the structural opening.They combine strenght with elegance along with toughness and  are designed for both external and internal applications .

Automatic Rolling Shutters are made-up  interlocked Galvalume,Galvanized Insulated and Non Insulated,Aluminium.

Automatic Rolling Shutters are strongly built to endorse trouble-free process and long life.All our Rolling Shutters are automatic using vigorous drive expertise with manual override incase of power failure and  are  dense,noiseless and dependable with low decibel level.


Galvanised Rolling Shutters are designed for a variety of industrial,warehouse,loading docks and commercial uses.They combine aesthetically pleasing appearance with energy efficiency,robust  construction and reliability.The shutters are custom made to fit any openings anda re ideal for situations where sideroom is at a Premium and security is required.



Aluminium Rolling Shutters made of design patented extruded double wall aluminium  profiles provide durability,efficiency and functionality while being light weight as well   as well as robuts.

Aluminium Rolling Shutters can be installed in areas where it would be exposed Daily to the atmospheric conditions as it is corrosion free.